New muscle weakness results in MSK-KP

The recent release of the Musculoskeletal Knowledge Portal includes three new datasets of genetic associations for muscle weakness from a recently published study (Jones G, Trajanoska K, Santanasto AJ, Stringa N, Kuo C-L, Atkins JL, et al., 2021). The study is a meta-analysis of genetic associations for low hand grip strength, as defined by two standards: the 2010 European Working Group on Sarcopenia in Older People (EWGSOP) definition (grip strength <30 kg for males and <20 kg for females) and the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) definition (grip strength <26 kg for males and <16 kg for females). Associations were analyzed for both definitions in over 250,000 European individuals aged 60 and older and also in sex-stratified subsets of more than 132,000 females and more than 118,000 males. The datasets in the MSK-KP are documented on their Dataset Inspector pages:

Manhattan and Q-Q plots on the Dataset Inspector page for Muscle weakness GWAS

In the MSK-KP, the phenotypes analyzed in this study are termed "Low hand grip strength (EWGSOP definition)" and "Low hand grip strength (FNIH definition)". Associations are integrated into the MSK-KP and may be viewed on Region pages, Gene pages, Variant pages, and Phenotype pages.

With this release, 8 additional new datasets were added to the MSK-KP, including associations for anthropometric, glycemic, cardiovascular, and circadian phenotypes. Please take a look at the new data and let us know what you think!