The Knowledge Portal Network is a software platform and ecosystem of interconnected web portals that integrate, interpret, and present human genetic and genomic data to spark insights into complex diseases.

The Knowledge Portals:

  • aggregate comprehensive data relevant to diseases and traits;

  • harmonize and analyze the data;

  • represent the data in a way that helps researchers to distill meaning from them; and

  • provide interactive tools for custom analyses that access individual-level data in a secure manner.

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Portals on KPN

Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portal
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Cardiovascular Disease Knowledge Portal
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Cerebrovascular Disease Knowledge Portal
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Sleep Disorder Knowledge Portal
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ALS Knowledge Portal
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What's new

Did you miss our November webinar, presented by LocusZoom developers Andy Boughton and Ryan Welch from the University of Michigan?  Download the slide presentation here. A video recording of the webinar will be available soon.

We are pleased to welcome you to the in-development V2F Knowledge Portal that will accelerate the translation of genetic and genomic data into biological knowledge for five common diseases. Access to this portal is restricted to those with Broad Institute email addresses.

We welcome your feedback! Please enter comments here or email us at

Our Knowledge Portal Platform Workshop & Webinar Series presents its fall 2019 installment on Thursday, November 14th at 12 noon EST. We will feature an overview of LocusZoom, an analysis module and visualization tool that is integrated into the Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cerebrovascular Disease, and Sleep Disorder Knowledge Portals. Andy Boughton and Ryan Welch from our University of Michigan team will demonstrate how to use LocusZoom within the portals and as a standalone tool, and will preview plans for future development.

Did you miss our ancillary session at ASHG? View the slides here.