About the Musculoskeletal Knowledge Portal

The Musculoskeletal Knowledge Portal project

Researchers are building a database linking DNA sequence, functional and epigenomic information, and clinical data from studies on musculoskeletal traits and diseases, and creating analytic tools to analyze these data. The results and analytical tools are accessible to academic and industry researchers, and all 
interested users, to identify and validate changes in DNA that influence musculoskeletal traits and diseases.

The Musculoskeletal Knowledge Portal (MSK-KP) is intended to serve three key functions:

  1. To be a central repository for large datasets for musculoskeletal traits and diseases.
  2. To function as a scientific discovery engine that can be harnessed by the community at large, and assist in the selection of new targets for drug design.
  3. Eventually, to facilitate the conduct of customized analyses by any interested user around the world, doing so in a secure manner that provides high quality results while protecting the integrity of the data.

The MSK-KP is intended to be securecompliant with pertinent ethical regulations, accessible to a wide user base, inviting to researchers who may want to contribute data and participate in analyses, organic in the continuous incorporation of scientific advances, modular in its analytical capabilities and user interfaces, automatedrigorous in the quality of data aggregation and returned results, versatile, and sustainable.

The MSK-KP is powered by the Human Genetics Amplifier (HuGeAMP) software platform, developed at the Broad Institute with support from the Accelerating Medicines Partnership in Type 2 Diabetes.