The Human Genetics Amplifier (HuGeAMP) is a software platform and infrastructure that aggregates, integrates, and analyzes human genetic and genomic data in order to spark insights into complex diseases.

The Knowledge Portal Network (KPN) is ecosystem of interconnected web portals that facilitate innovative and intuitive analysis and visualization of biomedical data. The Knowledge Portals that are based on human genetic association data, listed below, are powered by the HuGeAMP platform.

The Knowledge Portals:

  • aggregate comprehensive data relevant to diseases and traits;

  • harmonize and analyze the data;

  • represent the data in a way that helps researchers to distill meaning from them; and

  • provide interactive tools for custom analyses that access individual-level data in a secure manner.

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Portals on HuGeAMP

Common Metabolic Diseases Knowledge Portal
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Cardiovascular Disease Knowledge Portal
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Cerebrovascular Disease Knowledge Portal
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Sleep Disorder Knowledge Portal
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Type 1 Diabetes Knowledge Portal
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Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portal
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Musculoskeletal Knowledge Portal
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ALS Knowledge Portal
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Lung Disease Knowledge Portal
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Research Knowledge Portals

The APOL1 Portal
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Lipid Droplet Knowledge Portal
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What's new

The video recording and slides are now available from our Thursday, July 15, 2021 webinar: Introducing the Lung Disease Knowledge Portal.
We are looking for musculoskeletal researchers at all career stages to participate in focus groups to help guide development of the MSK-KP.
The recent release of the MSK-KP includes three new datasets of genetic associations for muscle weakness from a recently published study.

Today we release a new member of the Knowledge Portal Network: the Lipid Droplet Knowledge Portal (LD-Portal;