HERMES Heart Failure GWAS dataset now available

We are pleased to announce that, coincident with today's publication of the largest genome-wide association study for heart failure to date, results of this study are available both as downloadable summary statistic files and integrated into the Knowledge Portal framework in both the Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portals (CVDKP and T2DKP).

The paper, "Genome-wide association study provides new insights into the genetic architecture and pathogenesis of heart failure," was published today in Nature Communications (Shah S, Henry A, et al.). In this study the authors meta-analyzed heart failure genetic associations across 26 studies from the Heart Failure Molecular Epidemiology for Therapeutic Targets (HERMES) consortium, comprising nearly a million individuals total and including over 47,000 heart failure cases. Their results suggest potential causal genes and risk factors for heart failure, and point to possible shared genetic etiology with coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, or reduced left ventricular function.

Results from the study may be accessed through the CVDKP and T2DKP in several ways:

  • click the "Explore by phenotype" tab on the CVDKP or T2DKP home page, enter "heart failure", and click "Go" to see a Manhattan plot
  • visit the Gene page of a gene in the region of a strong association (e.g., PITX2) and click "Heart failure" to see detailed information about associated variants:

PITX2 gene page

  • visit the Variant page of a strongly associated variant (e.g., rs17042088)
  • use the Variant Finder (accessible from the "Tools" menu in the upper menu bar) to retrieve variants found to be significantly associated with heart failure in this study:

Variant Finder

  • download the summary statistics from the Downloads page of either the CVDKP or the T2DKP, accessible from the "Data" menu in the upper menu bar.

The dataset is also described on the Datasets pages of both portals, accessible from the "Data" menu in the upper menu bar.

Please take a look at these results and let us know your comments and suggestions!

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